About Manchester : Peripheral

Over the past decades, British cities have changed dramatically. As the business of urban redevelopment grows, it has increasingly focused on attracting young, affluent professionals, whilst ignoring or excluding many other communities and cultures. Communities and cultures that are so central to a city’s history and continued vitality. We are left with a series of slickly edited “consumable cities”. Cities that view anything outside of their strange centre and its “creative classes” as peripheral.

Whilst this project cannot hope to reverse this situation, Manchester : Peripheral is an attempt to plot a different relationship between city centre and adjacent areas. To create a porous central space of dialogue and difference. A celebration of creative energies – the musicians, teachers, activists, artists and community members that thrive and struggle outside the boundaries of Manchester’s city centre.

The project began with a preliminary phase launched at Futuresonic 2006. The full project will be launched in partnership with Futuresonic as part of the Manchester International Festival on June 29th