From June 29, a networked installation will be exhibited in Piccadilly Gardens, based in Kro bar. Here, material from the events will be used to create a continually evolving landscape of music, voices and ambient sound.

Via control booths in each ward, local communities will vote for their favourite performances and sounds, and these votes will be used to dynamically determine the content of the installation.

If you are from one of the wards you will be able to access the control booths online very shortly.

The installation replaces the traditional rhythms of urban nightlife with a far broader vision of the city - a soundclash of Kashmiri chants, dubstep, the sounds of steelworks and trees in wind. This is a city of a thousand centres. This is a folk music of constant change.

  • Manchester : Peripheral can be seen at:
    Kro Bar, Piccadilly Gardens
    Opening times:
    Sun – Thurs, 8am – midnight

    Fri – Sat, 8am – 8.30pm
    29 June – 28 July 2007

Phase 2 is presented by Futuresonic and was made possible by the generous support of Arts Council England, Piccadilly Partnership and the Manchester International Festival..